APCM Learning Exchange

The APCM Learning Exchange is OPCA's learning community for Primary Care Associations to share best practices, challenges, and lessons learned in facilitating Alternative Payment and Advanced Care Model efforts with member health centers.

As states across the country advance their own work in payment and care model innovation, they encounter the typical complexities of system change and have expressed interest and excitement at the opportunity to learn from OPCA and from each other.  

In an effort to more systematically and efficiently respond to requests for information and to share the insights of the past five years of experience, OPCA hosted the first APCM Learning Exchange meeting with PCA partners from around the country in the summer of 2016.

The initial APCM Learning Exchange meeting was such a success that this first gathering has now evolved into a year-long program to facilitate shared learning for participating Primary Care Associations. The 2017-2018 APCM Learning Exchange cohort includes PCAs from Colorado, Washington, Indiana, Missouri, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Washington DC, as well as the National Association of Community Health Centers.

If you are interested in learning more about the APCM Learning Exchange, please contact Ariel Singer.

The APCM Learning Exchange covers key topics in the development and implementation of payment and care model transformation efforts.

Through the APCM Learning Exchange, OPCA shares guidance on the following key topics, informed by years of implementation experience with APCM launch, pilot and spread.

Strategic Considerations:
•    Going from PCMH to APCM
•    Working with State partners
•    PCA capacity for supporting APCM

Alternative Payment:
•    Financial model details
•    Developing an accountability plan
•    Community health center readiness assessment, opt-in and on-boarding

Advanced Care:
•    Transformation strategies
•    Social Determinants of Health interviewing and intervention
•    Documenting new visit types
•    Maintaining a patient-centered approach
•    Community health center data capacity

In addition to sharing information and resources, OPCA shared three major points of advice on APCM strategy.

Know your North Star.  Be clear about why you are undertaking payment transformation and use that clarity to maintain alignment as you proceed.

Go big or go home.  As a PCA, you have to be ready to build capacity and fully commit to shepherding payment and care transformation in partnership with the CHCs in your state. This type of work requires significant investment of resources and should be planned for accordingly.

Relationships are everything.  In order to initiate and sustain safety net health system transformation, PCAs must promote partnership with health centers, State Medicaid authorities, other payers, health information technology partners and patients.  Strong alliance with these stakeholders is critical to success.

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