Public Policy Resources

Public Policy Resources

Look to OPCA for the latest information and resources on the leading issues impacting community health centers, their communities, and patients. You will find opportunities to join rule advisory committees, resources, and information on developing policy, and links to many other useful tools and resources.

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Engagement Opportunities

Oregon State Pain Management Commission openings in 2021.

Oregon State Pain Management Commission has openings for commissioners upcoming in 2021. The pain commission is a 19-member governor-appointed body which serves to further best-practice pain care and knowledge of pain science, within the state of Oregon. We have two community members, 2 legislative members, and 15 clinical members, representing nearly all licensed clinical professions in our state. Openings in 2021 at this time are all clinical and all disciplines are encouraged to apply. We are interested in applicants who have clinical expertise treating pain, and have knowledge of pain science and of trauma-informed care. We are also interested in increasing the racial and ethnic diversity of the Commission.

The commission meets 4x a year, for three-hour meetings. Presently the meetings are entirely virtual. Interested people can contact Mark Altenhofen at .

OHA Seeks Vaccine Advisory Committee Members

Oregon has developed a draft COVID-19 vaccine plan for the way vaccines could be allocated and distributed. OHA is establishing a Vaccine Advisory Committee to create a vaccine distribution plan that centers equity. The Vaccine Advisory Committee will work with OHA to co-create a final vaccine distribution plan that prioritizes communities most impacted by COVID-19 and those impacted by past and current health inequities. Community members and health care providers needed for the committee. Read more about the committee here

Interested: Fill out this form by Dec. 14.

Questions: Contact OHA's Community Engagement Team at .